“WCC and Media silent after the press meet of Mohan Lal”

WCC ( Women In Cinema Collective) made too many allegations and objections against Actor Dileep’s come back to AMMA. Lot controversies spread about this. But after the press meet by newly elected president of AMMA (Mohan Lal), there is no response from WCC regarding this issue.

Mohanlal the newly elected president of AMMA justified the decisions taken AMMA general body last week. He told that yet we don’t know the truth behind Actress attacking issue, we have ti wait for that. Another thing he mentioned that, medias reported 4 members resigned from AMMA because of this. But he said so far his knowledge only 2 of them given resignation letter to the general body officially. After the press meet the reliability of WCC was left as a question mark.

Everybody attended the press meet was stunned by the performance of Mohan Lal, because everybody expected a diplomatic replay from him regarding these issues. He thrown an arrow ahead of their expectations. After his talk there is not much questions from the audience side also.

He questioned the credibility of the actresses who given resignation by asking does an organization general body has the right to take supreme decisions like this or not. He told that so far his knowledge Bhavana and Ramya Nambeesan are the two actresses given resignation letter, else are someone’s dreams only.

His last coment made WCC more diffensive that if somebody resigned from AMMA, he/she should have to given an explanation to the general body, if the explanation didn’t satisfied then he/she will kept outside from the organization.

Finaly he said media and social media are not the decision makers of any organization it should be decided by the members or the general body of that organization.