Secret affair with my wife : A 40 year old man made allegations against Bengaluru SP !

Allegations against Bengaluru SP made controversy in Karnataka. A 40 Year old Man from Bengaluru Davanagara made allegation that his wife and Bengaluru SP having secret affair. Bhim Shankar S Gulad ia the SP.

Husband published a secret video of both together in doubtful conditions. He claimed that the SP blackmailed his wife and forcefully doing illegal relations with his wife. He also claimed he and his wife both getting death treat from the SP.

He filed a complaint against SP on 5th July at Kormangla Police station. And the officers waiting for legal advice for register case against the officer who mentioned in the allegation.

Same time the wife telling the Husband is insulting both of the with clear intention. She and SP doesn’t have any kind of personal relation. She also claimed the allegations he made was fake and he had other agendas.