5 Psychological Ways to reduce your weight

In this period most of the people looking different ways for reduce their weight. But earlier days our ancestors told that people with more weight consider as gentleman and healthy. But according to the current trend gaining weight is considere as bad personality. The thoughts running in western countries may the reason behind this. Famous motivational speaker Madhu Bhaskar Says that;

Being lean or heavy is not the thing you should be healthy is the primary thing we have to look. Some times people with heavy body are healthier than those lean people but still people with heavy body are searching different ways to reduce their weight, for that they were spending huge amount of money and heavy diets. There are some options for those peoole. That’s Madhu Bhaskar ia going to explain for us.

One is whenever we were planning to take food, try to take the food in small vessels. If we do that way we will take the food according to the size of the vessel. Some times we think that it’s too much in the vessel we will reduce the quantity based on the size of the vessel.

Second one is whenever having food, you should have it slowly and enjoyable. If we taking food very speedly it’s doesn’t going enjoyed. So from next time onwards have slowly and enjoy the food.

The third way is, don’t do too many things when you eating, like watching TV, using mobiles, reading books. You should concentrate on food, if we concentrate more we will take less quantity.

Fourth way is, try to avoid your favourite foods. Don’t bring them to your dining tables. Because if our interested items are available we will eat more quantity. So please more care careful from next time onwards.

The last but the least is keep a food diary. It will help us to aware about the the food we had and we will caution about the mistake from next time.