Don’t repeat the same mistakes in sex !!!

After intercourse some people won’t allow his/her partner to touch. Actually this was very irritating one. After sex with partner if things like this helo us to develop a good relationahip between two people.

Normally after lot of us doing some common things, but some of the happens because of our illetracy and so.e are because of our mistakes.

From next time onwards don’t try repeat the same mistakes again. After sex if we go to do our short or something else.It will defentily give disapoointment for partner. Some people take their pillow and will go to another room for sleep after sex. This was huge mistake.

Try to avoid mobioencalls and messages during sex. Some people go to the bathroom after sex, it’s very good for health but don’t spoil our relation for that.

Apart from physical love sex ia like mental love of two people. A good minded person can enjoy sex very well.