I would wish to work with Lalettan!!!

Mohanlal, one of the few actors in Indian cinema industry, who is respected by other actors. Even in Tamil, a lot of famous people were fans of Mohanlal. Surya, Karthi, Vishal, Shiva Karthikeyan and Vijay Sethupathi are some of them. If we selected worlds top 10 actors, Mohanlal will be on that list, told by Dhanush in a public role.

Surya says that when Mohanlal acts, even his nails were doing. After Jilla Mohanlal is now doing movie in Tamil with Surya. Mohanlal will play an important part in the movie.

At present just like Surya, his brother Karthi also speaking about Mohanlal. He revealed that, unitary of his life time dream act with Mohanlal. He also said Mohanlal is one of the few actors who having this form of flexibility. If we were together, attending a function, I will try my level best to sit near to him. I saw the movie Puli Murugan several times. Also, I am eagerly waiting for the movie Kayamkulam Kochunni after I saw the poster.