If Men can enter in Shabarimala then why not women? Asked by Justice Deepak Mishra

Supreme court made a serious statement against the petition of women’s entry to Shabarimala by asking that, If men can enter, then why not women asked by Justice Deepak Mishra on today. He stated that if a Men can enter in to a temple then why women are not allowed there.

Temples are public nit private stated my SC. If it’s a public place men and women have equal Wright’s. So I there any issue for one party it’s breaking of constitution said by SC.

The state government prosecuted argued that government want allow women to Shabarimala without any age barrier. But SC criticized why the state procecuter changing their decision in several times.

SC said according to Indian constituency we giving equal freedom for Men and Women. It’s applicable for worship also.

Organization named Happy To Bless argued that they don’t want permission to do Pooja they want only permission for praying. Keeping women outside because of menstruation is another type untouchability claimed by Indira Jayasing who appeared for the organization.