Mammootty was withdrawn from my movie because of Dulqar Salman : Sathyan Anthikkad

The ever time hit director of Malayalam Film Industry Sathyan Anthikkad revelead that Dulqar Salman was the reason behind Mammootty canceled his project. The same time Mammootty was holding the Mega Star crown, he is a very good family person too.

If shooting location was near to home, he will go to home for having lunch. And also he is spending more time with family when there is no shooting is going. Other actors and actress of Malayalam industry revelaed Mammootty is family love before in many articles and interviews.

Amoung those last one came from the prominent director Sathyan Anthikkad, he reveled a flash back story that telling Mamootty’s family love.

If somebody heared this story will doubts that does Dulqar Salman involve in Mammootty’s decision in choosing of movie. But he said ,it’s true once it happend like this, he was forced to withdraw his project with Mammootty. He expressed his disappointment and sadness in an interview.

” Once I planned to do a project with Mammootty in London. When the time arrived for booking tickets for Mammootty to go to London. Suddenly Mammootty told to me that it’s not possible for me to come to London. Please forgive me and I have critical situation here and I have to stay with my family”.

But not because of this Sathyan Anthikkad was stunned, he was stunned by Mammootty’s explanation. He told that his wife’s second delivery was scheduled on the same time which they were planned to shoot that movie. During the pregnancy time he wants to stay with his wife. Sathyan Anthikkad was surprised but he agreed his request. But now I am proud because that baby is the present Youth Star of Malayalam industry Dulqar Salman.