Mammootty or mohanlal

Mammootty is one of the rarest actors, having the ability to become the character 100% (without adding anything extra to look fascinating) and posses this much versatility.
Mohanlal is also a great actor. Many guys tell that he is natural. That’s absolutely wrong!!
He’s strictly melodramatic!! But one superfine performer (Yes,DrishyaVismayam)
Here,I think the word ‘natural’ itself is goofed when we talk about acting,maybe a word like ‘realistic’ is the best option to represent it because the benchmark is that how much we can relate it to the real life!!! Just like Stanislavski’s system of acting and Marlon Brando’s introduction of realism to film acting!!

Well back to the topic, Mohanlal will add an entertainment flavour to everything even he is on an emotional scene!! That’s why we love his performance!!
Mammootty is strictly character based.
He is one of the most flexible actors. He can do any kind of roles without stiffness!! ( You may argue with me here, and challenge me with Mohanlal’s performance in Kamaladalam and Vaanaprastham…etc.!! But I will also challenge you with one simple yet sophisticated character in the film Munnariyippu.
There is no bunch of emotions in that film. Mild body language and brilliant acting is the only thing that exist there!! That’s the realistic portrayal of a character)
Let me make it simple
A comparison between Mammootty and Mohanlal
(Based on acting methods and talents)

Mammootty – Mohanlal

Versatility in acting – Detailed acting

Realistic acting – Melodramatic acting

Take time to become the character- Spontaneous character forming

Being the character 100% – Not being the character 100%

Flexible actor – A wonderful performer

He will get into the character- He will take the character into him

Other Highlights(Mammootty)

1)Sound Modulation (Rarest of rare in world cinema)
2)Detailed observation of the character (He always does this in any film, but while playing historical characters it’s phenomenal)

Other Highlights(Mohanlal)

1)Exceptional talent to do comedy and funny roles, even slap-sticks, he does it so effortlessly
2)Flexible Body (Can make the body useful according to the character requirements like heavy action scenes)

Well when elaborate their acting methods,Mohanlal has a special method or style in acting and he’s doing that in all of his films where as Mammootty doesn’t have that kind of thing,besides he does the exact thing that the character supposed to be done. So that Mammootty’s acting style or method will vary from one character to another character!!!
But when you travel through Mohanlal’s films from 1986 to 2017 from Rajavinte makan to Thoovanthumbikal to Vaanaprastham to Thanmathra to Bhramaram to Drishyam to Villian, his acting style is same, same all the way through. The melodramatic and subtle acting yet magnificent one !!!
A quick analysis on versatility in acting of Mohanlal and Mammootty
Four brilliant portrayals

Movie_Spirit – An alcoholic getting sober after hearing a shocking news

Movie_Thanmathra – A person suffering from Alzheimer disease, his mind is almost void or wandering somewhere

As you can see Mohanlal has used almost same mannerisms for both characters which are so distinctive, there is no much change in his face except for eyes!!!

Here, both characters having some psychological problems. (Obvious in movie 1. Bhoothakannaadi and ambiguous in 2. Thaniyavarthanam)

Look at this one,Mammootty has brought a tremendous change in all his face for the two characters that share a similarity. Bhoothakannaadi is delusion and Thaniyavarthanam is lunacy(that too in an ambiguous way)

Thereby Mohanlal stands a bit down on becoming a character,sometimes his repeated mannerisms and the way he presents himself are not doing justice to the character he plays!! That monotonous acting is the thing that put him under Mammootty’s superior adaptability !!!

We can see that Mohanlal leaves a shade of him in every character he plays where as Mammootty won’t do that,so that every character played by Mammootty looks original and distinct!!

Moreover Mohanlal presents every character in his own unique way,NO NO that’s not the apogee of great acting.You should behave and discourse exactly like the demeanors and discourses of the character instead of facsimileing them, that too while refraining from repetition of oneself!!!!

Mohanlal may be a great entertainer or a great performer but Mammootty is the one who can maintain the equilibrium of the character while he was at the zenith of brilliant execution of it!!! It’s not a cakewalk 🙂

Mammootty’s versatility and ability to become the character are unparalleled here!!!
Both are belong to the list of greatest actors of all time from all around the world!!!
But I hope you can understand why I chose Mammootty.
I’m adding this,if you love dramatic acting and not realistic Mohanlal will be your favorite.
But I consider realism in acting is more important and Mammootty does it so effortlessly!!
Please don’t underrate him ,that he can do only sentiment scenes and some are even telling that he puts lots of effort to act,no he does it effortlessly but brilliantly,on screen!!!
It’s just because you never observed his brilliance in acting!!
Just observe and analyse it, I’m sure,you will blow away. I repeat ‘observe’ NOT just watch!!!
My suggestions – Pranchiyettan, Munnariyippu, Kutty Srank, Varsham , Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Thaniyavarthanam, Vidheyan,Mathilukal,Kayyoppu,Ponthan Maada and so on.
Well, in a nutshell Mohanlal is the Best Performer where as Mammootty is the Best Actor!!!
So, rest is up to you 🙂
P.S:If you find this review as a little bigoted or like de-emphasizing Mohanlal, that wasn’t deliberate anyway.

Written by Jeffin Bijoy