8 Reasons for belly fat ! ! !

Nowadays shaped belly had an important place in beautiful physic. Fat belly was a serious health issue for ladies and gents. Changed life styles and wrong food habits were the reason behind this. Excess body weight will lead to fat belly. For women after delivery and for men drinking habits were the main reasons. The following are the major 8 reasons for fat belly.

1. Lazyness

Without proper excersise and wrong food habits lead us to a fat belly.

2. Heavy use of Alcohol

Especially drinking beer regularly also a main reason.

3. Eating snacks.

Eating snacks regularly also lead us today belly .

4. Stress

More stress will increase the amount of cortisol hormone in our body it will result over weight and fat belly.

5. Having foods with less protiens

Protein need for metabolism in our body. Metabolism help to flame excessive fat in our body. Having foods with less portion will result overweight.

6 Irregular food habits.

Irregular food habits results fat belly. Irregular food habits causes heavy fat in our body.

7. Sleep after food.

Going to bed after eating food result overweight and fat belly.

8. Eating foods with more salt content

Salt causes to stop the water in our body, it results fat belly.

Having curd daily help us to reduce belly fat. It contains probiotic bacteria which will help to speed up the digestion process. Some people think that drinking more water will cause fat belly was actuality a wrong one. It really help us in digestion process and reduce the fats in our body.