BJP IT Cell Kerala or Leading news daily of Kerala, Who is behind Mathrubhoomi boycott campaign?

We have seen several types of struggle in the history. But in these century struggle have another face, it’s cyber struggle. They proved this styles of protest in several occasions. Another win grabbed by cyber warriors in Mathrubhoomi – Meesha Novel controversy. Everybody knows that BJP IT cell in Kerala was very strong to do anything, if election was done in social media they will definitely rule Kerala.

Nobody wants any viloence against Mathrubhoomi or Author of the novel Mr, Hareesh, they need only justice but they started their protest in social media very strongly. Strong campaigns and hash tags made this issue sensational and viral. An Impact of this number of subscription has decreased.

The firat stage of protest aimed the advertisement providers of Mathrubhoomi. Social media warrior announced that if some body gave advertisement in Mathrubhoomi will boycotted by the people of Kerala in up coming Onam season. But at first nobody taken it as serious, but Federal Bank felt the heat. First some NRI accounts compulsory closed down by the consumers and again pressure came from customers.

The next victim was Kalyan Jewellers , after the add published in Mathrubhoomi lot comments and dialogues were appeared in Kalyan Jewellers Facebook page. But after when they removed the add and published a comment in Official Facebook page that they will not give advertisement in Mathrubhoomi, suddenly lot of appreciation comments came in Facebook page.

But now some unreliable sources saying that one of the leading news daily in Malayalam were behind the social boycott campaign against Mathrubhoomi. No comments from anywhere officially but still some rumors running in the atmosphere. But definitely Mathrubhoomi will do something seriously otherwise the heat will rise up.