Ashiq Abu – Director and producer of Maheshinte Prathikaram – Facing serious financial allegation by his ex business partner

Director cum producer of the everytime hit Malayalam movie Maheshinte Prathikaaram – Ashiq Abu is facing serious financial allegation by NRI malayali who also invested money for the same picture. He says Ashiq Abu promised that apart from the amount he invested (2.40 Crore) 60% of the profit share of the movie. But he got only 1.85 Crore only. Mr CT Abdul Rahman is the one who given complaint against Ashiq Abu in Malayalam film producer’s association.

Based on his complaint: They formed a company with Dream Mill Cinemas which Ashiq Abus is the Managing Director and T Kuruvila is the Chairman. They jointly produced the movie Maheshinte Prathikaram. He says that Mr Ashiq Abu was made an agreement that apart from the invested amount of 2.40 Crores 60% of the total profit will be given to him. But later he got only 1.85 Ctores and there is 55 lakhs shortage in his invested amount also.

Movie collected more than 8 Crores as theatre collection, 4 Crores as Satelite rights and 2 Crores as remake and overseas. But still Ashiq Abu is not wiling to give his money. He tried contact Ashiq Abu several times and there is no positive replay from Ashiq’s side. Even he tried for settling through a third party. This is the reason why he put a complaint in producers association against Ashiq Abu.

He submitted his complaint along with the proof of financial dealing and the agreement made between them. He is asking help through social media that the judiciary to help him in this subject.