Odiyan Report

Odiyan is a 155 Minute Fantasy Visual Spectacle

Don’t Expect a Mass Masala Entertainer like Pulimurugan,You will be dissapointed

Odiyan is a dark mood fantasy film with Exceptional Performance from Mohanlal, Manju Warrier & Prakash Raj also adds colour to this

Odiyan is one of the genres in which a Class film with a Mass & Commercial Appeal

Odiyan has 5 Terra Mass Signature Stunts from Peter Hein which is his best till date & one of the best in Indian Cinema

Talking about the songs,4 Beautiful Compositions from M.Jayachandran is going to conquer you very shortly. Pictuarisation & the Visuals of these songs will be a treat for your eyes

In the technical side,The man behind Odiyan’s Grand visuals – ShajiKumar No words to explain This will surely won him many recognitions. VFX works is 70% complete. 12 Cr is the VFX budjet. Climax portion is one of the best Indian Cinema ever produced with never seen visuals Every frames in the movie will be treat for your eyes BGM work is progressing. Can’t wait to watch in Big Screen Lal Sir’s Intro with Sam C.S ‘s Terra BGM ‘Oh..Odiyan..Odi Odi Odiyan’

Mark the date 201810110709 , Come and watch Mollywood’s Epic film with visual magic from VA Shrikumar Menon

Once Again Telling to mohanlal Fans, Don’t Expect Pulimurugan